DAXTRO EMTAP® Home Line efficiently protects your water pipe system against limescale, rust and algae and removes unwanted.

without filters, without salt, without chemicals
energy-efficient and maintenance-free
simple installation
effective on all pipe materials
Swiss quality product with a 5 year guarantee

Take life easy.

With Daxtro, you can ensure clean drinking water in no time at all. Impurities and deposits such as rust, limescale and algae can no longer adhere to the surfaces. The pipes remain clean and any limescale residues in the kitchen and bathroom are simply wiped away.

clean drinking water in its original quality
longer service life of your pipes, fittings and appliances
easy cleaning of any limescale residues, completely without chemicals
no slimy deposits on taps and drinking water containers
no algae in swimming pools


The Daxtro Home Line prevents contamination in the piping system and gently removes existing deposits. First results are already visible after a short time.