The DAXTRO EMTAP® system system includes several components. The control unit generates a defined, complex frequency signal with the help of the patented EMTAP® technology. This is transmitted to the ferrite unit which is mounted on the water pipe. This transmits the frequency signal into the water and spreads its effect over a large area in the water pipe system.

The frequency signals and the power are different depending on the device and are specially optimised for the respective application.

In every water pipe there are deposits and residues that cause unclean water. This shortens the life of household appliances and is harmful to your health.

Calcification can cause:

  • Corrosion of pipes and screw connections
  • Damage to fittings and appliances
  • High energy consumption and shortened service life
  • Ugly stains and residues on surfaces

Metal water pipes are often affected by corrosion as they age. The drinking water carries these rust particles with it and clogs filter screens and fittings.

Under ideal conditions, algae form a slimy coating on all surfaces, which in turn can serve as a basis for harmful bacteria.

Contaminated water pipes are often the cause of dangerous germs that can cause life-threatening diseases. These germs sit in a thin layer inside the water pipe. They form the BIOFILM, a slimy layer of microorganisms that provide protection and nourishment for these germs and BACTERIA. A particularly dangerous form is LEGIONELLA, which can cause the dangerous Legionnaires' disease.